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Hello you little peaches!
I am The Weird Peach and this is my newgrounds page. I post art on here, but if you wanna watch my videos, then check out my youtube channel in the channel links

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Posted by TheWeirdPeach - 2 weeks ago

I hate my art so much. I constantly change it. Sometimes i wonder if I'm even meant to draw...


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Don’t be hard on yourself as everyone has to start from somewhere.And it sounds like you could be trying to find your own style.You can also look at other peoples’ art to see if there’s a style you like.

Also,be patient and keep practicing and you’ll get better at it.Good luck!

But I love your drawings no matter the style you use!! :c
I appreciate your artworks, so please agree with me and... appreciate your own artworks too! hehe
I know it might be a hard thing to do, since "You're your own worse critic", but I hope you do know that there're people that love your drawings!

Yo i know im just a stranger on the internet but don't keep yourself down about your art, i mean, i go days thinking that my art fuckin sucks, but eventually i find parts about it that i like again and i begin to feel happy about it, your art is really fuckin cool, and at the time of writing, it seems that 332 people think the same way! >:D

I’ve battled such negative thoughts and feelings before many times with my own art. It’s not easy to deal with, and they don’t easily go away. But if you can find what makes you happy or excited to want to do art to begin with, like a goal or some kind of project you’d like to accomplish, it can help push those thoughts and feelings away.

Try not to worry about what style you have, styles constantly change with artists as they learn, grow, and adapt new techniques into their workflow. It’s better to be flexible and have the ability to change your art as you learn and grow, rather than keep it stagnantly the same.